About Us

Under The Sun is where it all happens.

As a company, Under The Sun deals in a vast range of traditional products and services from all over the world. Our specialty is handmade paper and paper products. We distribute and sell the finest handmade paper available in the market. Because of its exotic and pure look handmade paper finds applications in wedding invitations, bags, stationery and art/craft applications in schools and industry. Under The Sun can also assist you in your graphic design and print needs for your applications using our product line.

Our handmade paper is completely environment friendly. We offer 100% eco friendly, wood free and acid free paper. Handmade paper is made out of 100% cotton, silk and agro waste (such as sugarcane waste, bark fibers or jute waste – depending on the variety of paper) without destroying trees in our natural forest reserves.

Under The Sun, handmade paper, is eco-friendly handmade paper, where NO wood or wood derivatives are used, represented by the lady with earthen pot.

We also carry handmade craft paper boxes for school children and A4 or letter size stationery handmade paper compatible with computer printers.

If it’s Under The Sun .. We can make it happen