New DIY Silver Scroll Rods + Silver tassel with Decorative Box


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DIY Silver Scroll Rods + silver tassel to create customized messages and invites with silver card stock paper decorative box set of 5. Create your own custom scroll invites, messages and notes using our classy clasp together scroll rods. This 10.5” 2 rods set comes in 4 pieces (2 on top and 2 bottom)+ 2 ends to lock the paper in. Use with any standard letter size or A4 paper of your choice with a simple click. Just insert your customized paper in between the two rod half’s and sandwich it with a click like a button and lock it with decorative ends. Use these scroll rods with our printable handmade decorative papers to create an exclusive and customized scroll.
(The paper showed in the picture is not included its only for representation.)


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